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iconoclastism's Journal


01. Comment: This is not a rule, perse, but I do enjoy getting them. It's helpful to hear what you like (and what you don't like) about my icons.
02. Credit: When you credit, please do so in your icon keywords or your userinfo. [learn how]
03. Hotlinking: Don't you dare. If you hotlink, I will hunt you down.
04. Editing: Please no. I make a lot of textless icons. These are not to be confused with bases. If I want you to edit my icons, I'll be sure to tell you.

Icons need pictures. And brushes. And textures. And all sorts of fun things like that. My list of resources is here. Be sure to credit the makers if you use their stuff.

I'm all for affiliating. It's like a drug. Almost as good as friending. Almost. Anyway, you can see a semi-thorough list of my affiliates here. If you want to affiliate, that's the place to make your request.

Please check the FAQ before you ask. Because it's so much easier. The best bit is the font guide. If you can't find answers there, leave a comment and I shall get to you ASAP.

01. A good way to get a quick overview of all of my icons is to check my memories.
02. Shockingly, I've won some awards. There aren't many. I haven't entered an icontest in a while, so they're not very recent.


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